Getting An Audient Console Just Got Easier

US Audient launches Back On Track console promotion to UK Customers      17/08/21

Getting An Audient Console Just Got Easier

Audient is offering an exclusive, time-limited promotion giving aspiring console owners in the UK the opportunity to upgrade their setup with one of its ASP Series consoles. Valid between now and the end of October, Audient has teamed up with Azule finance company to provide bespoke financial packages to buyers of Audient consoles.
In addition to the finance package, those who already own a mixing desk - from any manufacturer - can trade in their ageing console, bringing the monthly payments for a new ASP4816 or ASP8024-HE down to an even more manageable level. The financial deals have the possibility of being underwritten by the UK Government Recovery Loan Scheme.
UK sales manager, Bryn Wildish told us, "We want to assist the ongoing recovery of the audio industry by giving studios a helping hand. Being able to upgrade to your own Audient console for a relatively small monthly fee, means studio owners really can get 'back on track'. Similarly, if your old desk is costing you too much to run, upgrade now, get on with the business of recording and alleviate some of the financial worries."
To find out if you could be eligible and register for further details of the promotion, simply fill in a short form at the link listed below...


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