Build Your Own 808

US DinSync announces the RE-808 Rhythm Composer kit      09/08/21

Build Your Own 808

DinSync has announced the RE-808 Rhythm Composer. This is what they have to say...

As part of our 808 day celebrations, we have something very special this year. The RE-808. As we did last year with the RE-909, we took a TR-808 to pieces and painstakingly created a true 1:1 replica. Unlike any other 808 clone in the market, we went a little further.

In November 2020 we made synth history by successfully performing a "digital decap" of the TR-808 cpu. This enabled us to run the raw 808 cpu code on the Pixie RE-CPU. What this actually means is that like with the RE-303 before, we don't just replicate the analog aspects but also perfectly replicate the digital aspects and operating system.

For TR users this means your machine will now be able to be repaired long into the future since the Pixie RE-CPU eliminates the obsolete cpu and ram chips. For RE users, this means original 808 code, operation and most importantly authentic 808 playback groove. This is the genuine 808 for the 21st century enthusiast.

As always the "RE" is made of spare parts that are interchangeable with the original vintage machines. For all intents and purposes, this is a real 808. So again, old machines can be brought back to life and new machines can be built.

RE-808 It's not a clone, it's a replica.

Pricing and Availability:
The RE-808 DIY kit is available for pre-sale at the re303 webshop

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