Sonic Album Interview: Ty Unwin - Freebies

US Amazing! Made entirely from free stuff      06/08/21

We recently released our first release on the newly formed Sonicstate bandcamp label. As part of the project we're interviewing many of the contributors and this time Gaz and Andy chat with Ty Unwin about his track "Freebies".

There is a little extra content to accompany this available exclusively to our Patrons:

This track was written exclusively for the album project, and this one had the additional challenge of using only free software (aside from the DAW)

SONIC 001 is an 18 track compilation from some of our contributors over the years. As well as being able to buy it on Bandcamp at a very reasonable £7 (or more if you like; all proceeds of album sales go directly to the contributors), we've filmed interviews with the creators. Grab the 18 Track Album

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