Podcast: Sonic TALK 679 - Gary Numan Is Very Human

US Behringer news, MTV is 40, Das Boot      05/08/21


  • Yoad Nevo - producer, mix engineer Waves Developer
  • Dominic Hawken-producer, keyboard player, songwriter,developer

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ONIC 001 - an 18 Track Compilation Album from Sonicstate.com contributors available nowSonic 001 Album via Bandcamp. 
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00:00 Intro and hellos
07:20 MIDI FD Boom Box
20:35 Modal Cobalt8 http://bit.ly/get_modal
21:22 MTV Turns 40
29:10 Retrosound cover of Das Boot on Polysix
43:45 https://iZotope.com/sonictalk
Producer Club Subscription
45:40 Behringer - Tom Oberheim Gets his brand back
47:40 Auratone get their trademark in the US
59:10 Behringer Pro-16
01:06:30 Wrap and goodbyes


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