Roland Releases ZENOLOGY FX

Authentic keyboard and synthesizer effects to sweeten your sound right in your DAW      30/07/21

Roland tells us that ZENOLOGY FX is available now, bringing more than 90 authentic effects to your DAW. A spokesperson told us, "Roland has delivered memorable, genre-defining sounds for nearly fifty years, and a big part of that sonic footprint is its unique approach to effects processing. The legendary swirling JUNO chorus, feedback-drenched tape echo, and other sounds that have left their mark on countless tracks over the decades, can now be added to any keyboard sound or instrument track to make music come alive."

Here's more details direct from Roland...

While many of the processors in ZENOLOGY FX have vintage inspiration from legendary products like the JUNO chorus, CE-1 stompbox and JD-800 synthesizer, use of them today through ZENOLOGY FX is thoroughly modern with a contemporary interface and simple controls for free-flowing creativity.

With ZENOLOGY FX, music makers can add delays to arps, larger-than-life modulation effects to chord progressions, and twist and distort basses and lead tones that leap from the speakers, while delays add space without taking away presence and immediacy. Modulation effects include choruses, phasers, flangers, and more--and they work wonders on synths and other keyboard instruments.

ZENOLOGY FX also includes a menagerie of unique Roland effects to propel tracks into uncharted sonic territory. Explore the DJFX Looper and lo-fi effects from the SP-404, or color your sounds with slicers, filters, overdrives, and other selections from the vast Roland effects legacy.

Pricing & Availability

ZENOLOGY FX can be accessed today through Roland Cloud Manager, the software interface for Roland Cloud content. Roland Account holders may Test Drive ZENOLOGY FX for free until December 31, 2021. ZENOLOGY FX is also accessible via all Roland Cloud membership levels starting with Core membership at $2.99 per month.

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