Brainworx Studio Flooded

US Iconic studio in Germany hit      29/07/21

Brainworx Studio Flooded

Recent rainfall and subsequent flooding in Germany and other parts of Europe have caused untold damage and destruction in recent weeks. The iconic Brainworx studio has been hit by the floods, and while no lives were lost they have described the situation as a disaster - with only a few pieces of outboard gear surviving the flood. Their blog post reads:

July 15, 2021 marks the end of an era for Brainworx and their iconic studio & office building in Germany (see pics below). As documented by the international media, Germany got hit with the hardest rainfalls and flooding ever, that left hundreds of people dead and whole cities washed away by the rain and the resulting floods. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families and friends, of course

While none of the Brainworx team was hurt or physically harmed, the company building will be unusable for months to come, as it is located in one of the areas that got hit the hardest. In fact, BX may have to move and find a new home asap to rebuild their offices and studios.

While the BX team doesn't want to ask for "donations", you can certainly support BX by buying some cool BX plugins, or some of their merchandise. Any financial support helps in times like these, and Dirk and the BX team would be relieved to see some strong sales in the near future to help with the rebuilding of the BX space in Germany, which currently leaves almost 60 employees without an actual work space.

They make fantastic plugins so now is a great time to show support and help them get operational once again.

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