Multi-Algorithm Distortion Processor Updated

Sinevibes releases Corrosion v2 AU+VST effect plugin for Mac      27/07/21

Sinevibes has announced the release of Corrosion v2, the successor to its multi algorithm distortion processor. They say that this new version is a highly versatile  effect that brings an all-new DSP engine with a total of 15 different distortion curves, a built-in  noise gate, and all the goodies you have come to expect from our latest plugins - such as  the addition of the VST3 format, scalable UI, and a built-in preset manager. Here's the details direct from Sinevibes...

Corrosion is a multi-algorithm distortion effect plugin for Mac. It is based on a DSP  engine built with 4x oversampling, which uses analog-style anti-aliasing filters for an  unusually smooth but robust sound character. Corrosion includes a wide selection of  different distortion algorithms, from classic clippers and folders to very unique curves  invented at Sinevibes. Distortion gain can go up to 24 dB and has a tilt control for natural  stereo width effects, plus the plugin also features an exponential gate which can be used  for both for noise reduction on analog recordings - as well as more creatively to "chop"  audio. With its special ability to adjust the upsampling filter's cutoff frequency and mix in  the dry input signal processed via a steep high-pass filter, Corrosion delivers a huge  variety of sophisticated distortion effects, from subtle boosting and drive all the way to  dramatic waveform bending, warping and destruction - and it does so via extremely  simple controls.
- Newly designed user interface with size scaling up to 200%
- Added VST3 plugin format
- Added built-in preset manager
- Redesigned DSP chain with built-in noise gate, simultaneous cutoff frequency  control for the upsampling filter and crossover high-pass filter  
- Added new distortion algorithms: parabolic, sine clip, sine bend, symmetric warp  (for a total of 15)
- Increased maximum input gain level from 18 to 24 dB
- New oversampling engine with a smoother sound
- New stereo tilt control for distortion gain
- New -48 dB/octave state-variable high-pass filter for crossover signal mix-in - Thorough state initialization when receiving the reset() call from the host - Natural parameter mapping (quadratic or cubic) on more controls - Support for any buffer size requested by the plugin host
- Consistent name, mapping, value, and unit implemented for all parameters in both  graphic user interface and host control/automation
- All-new presets

Pricing and Availability:
Corrosion v2 is immediately available for $39. It works for macOS 10.9 or later, and comes  in AU and VST formats. Customers who own the previous version of Corrosion are also  eligible for $10 upgrade pricing.

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