Spitfire Hammers - Hard Hitting Drums From Charlie Clouser

Stop. Hammer time....      22/07/21

Ex NiN Charlie Clouser is known for his dark, industrial, and frankly scary soundtrack work. This new library features drums and other percussive elements recorded in an environment with lots of hard surfaces, resulting in high transient and impactful sounds, all presented in the Spitfire Audio Player.

Spitfire's Christian Henson is delighted with the results:

"This library is transcendent, it lifts our craft up an echelon and takes us into a new chapter. Cinematic drums from 2021 and beyond are going to sound like this"

Here's what how they describe the product in marketing speak:

Hammers was developed to quickly give you access to a cutting-edge collection of eclectic drums, percussion, and scrap metals; these sounds are tailored for uses in film genres, video games, and trailers.  With its ultra-hyped, broadcast-ready sounds, Hammers is immediately playable and instantly satisfying. Recorded, processed, mixed, curated, and produced by composer Charlie Clouser, this library features 100% all-new recordings, specially crafted for this collection.


Hammer Stats

  • 58 Drums across 8 drum types.
  • 1,060 Sounds
    • 12 Signals including 3 mixes from Charlie Clouser Himself
  • 408 Loops
  • 408 Warped Loops
    • 12 warped signals for each
  • Dedicated plugin
  • 100gb

Prices and Promo
Full - £249 €299 $299
Promo - £199 €229 $229
Originals Cinematic Percussion Owners have a unique saving of 30% off RRP during the promo period


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