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US KEMPER release PROFILER Rig Editor for iPadOS with PROFILER OS 8.5      21/07/21

 Kemper GmbH has announced the immediate availability of PROFILER OS 8.5 for all models of the KEMPER PROFILER digital guitar amplification and FX System.  PROFILER OS 8.5 supports the new PROFILER Rig Editor for iPadOS which allows for wireless control of the PROFILER Stage, Head, and Rack Kemper says that this adds another dimension of parameter editing and fine-tuning of guitar tone at home, in the studio, at rehearsal, and on stage. Here's more details direct from the company...

The Rig Editor for iPadOS connects to the PROFILER Stage via the onboard WiFi Chip, either directly or via WPS and a local router. The PROFILER Head and Rack are supported via a local router. For this even multiple PROFILERS just can get connected with LAN cables to a wireless router. Is the iPad connected to the router via WiFi all the connected PROFILERS can be edited wirelessly.

Everybody knows that fine-tuning guitar tone works best when standing in the sweet spot of the speakers, where all the magic happens. Rig Manager for iPadOS provides exactly that, in a portable yet powerful editor solution.

You can add, swap and modify effects using the intuitive graphical user interface. You only need one hand to optimize your PROFILER performance while the other one is holding that power chord. It was never easier to get your best tone out of your PROFILER. The Rig Editor for iPadOS also can be used simultaneously with the KEMPER Rig Manager.

PROFILER Rig Editor for iPadOS features:

Performances can hold up to five Rigs and prove extremely useful to live players for multiple reasons. In the upper section, you can rearrange and edit them on the fly.

Choose, select and edit all the effects on the signal chain. Control the amp stack, signal flow, and effects as well as the input and output section. Set up either a simple or sophisticated morph scenario in seconds. Use the spacious morph slider to simulate the movement of your pedal.

The entire lower half of Rig Manager shows a visual representation of the Rig you're currently playing. Using the Editor, it was never easier to adjust details of the Amp Stack or try out alternative effects and settings. Dive deep into a Rig and edit every aspect of how it sounds and how it reacts to your playing.

Pricing and Availability:
The PROFILER OS Version 8.5 for all PROFILER models is available from the KEMPER Website for free.

The PROFILER Rig Editor for iPadOS is available from the Apple App Store for free.

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