Genelec GLM 4.1 Update Revealed Today

Watch the livestream and win prizes      15/07/21

Genelec GLM 4.1 Update Revealed Today

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Since 2006, Genelec GLM software has worked with their Smart Active Monitors to minimize the unwanted acoustic influences of your room and help your mixes translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems.
Thursday, July 15 – to celebrate 15 years of truthful reference monitoring – Genelec will be unveiling the major new 4.1 update to GLM, which brings both new features and improvements in performance.
And that's not all. They'll also be marking the anniversary with a competition to win some extremely desirable Genelec monitoring prizes!
To find out what they have in store for you, join Andy Bensley live on Thursday, July 15, at 10 a.m. EDT (on Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn) as he walks you through the new 4.1 update and reveals details of the competition.
The livestream will close with a Q&A, so we warmly encourage you to get involved and fire your questions at us.

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