A Look At Bitwig v4.0 New Features - M1 Native

US Comping and Operators      15/07/21

Bitwig has been building its features out for the last few years and is now gaining the interest of many creative electronic musicians for its innovations in areas of composition and performance. It is also M1 native ready, due to its multi-platform parity, as well has running plug-ins in a sandboxed area of memory for additional compatibility.

Bitwig V4.0 is out this week and we had a chat with Dave Linnenbank about some of the new features.

We look at Comping and also Operators - which is a nifty way to create probability and conditions for both MIDI and audio events to play. The net result is that from a simple 2 or 4 bar loop (hey, we've all been there) it is possible to create long running variations and fill patterns without the need to discretely program each event. - its very powerful.

Bitwig Studio V4.0 is out now at a Summer discount of $299/€299 ($100 off)

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