K-Devices Releases Shaper2 For iOS

US AUv3 plugin is designed to destroy / refine any sound      15/07/21

K-Devices has released their Shaper2 distortion plugin as AUv3 for iOS. This is what they have to say about it...

Shaper is a creative AUv3 plugin that combines our classic wave-shaper with an innovative multi-fx processor. It was specifically designed to allow the user to redefine or totally destroy any flavor of the sound source. Version 2 comes with a new Smooth parameter for Glitch Gate module, and a lo/hi pass filter. User interface has been totally redesigned to fit the Phoenix Series of plugins by K-Devices.

Main Features

Shaper is composed of several modules, that can be re-arranged in any order:

  • Glitch Gate, now with a Smooth parameter
  • Waveshaper with 5 inspiring functions: Muffin, Multistress, Cracker, S&M, and Bits&Samps
  • Transform module with Clip, Wrap, Fold, and sFold functions
  • Resonator/Short Delay, that can act as a comb filter as well
  • A new addition to version 2, adds a Lopass/Hipass filter allowing the user to further fine-tune the processed sound.


Shaper 2 allows the user to add a personally destructive touch to sound work. Emphasize basslines by tweaking the waveshaper parameters Blend and Color, or increasing the Clip's value, (this also works great on drums and acoustic percussive sounds). Blow digital coldness into your synths with the S&M and Bits&Samps functions, or increasing the Wrap and/or Fold values. Add unpredictable dynamic glitches thanks to the exclusive Glitch Gate section.

Additional Features

  • Modular Structure - Drag and reorder modules as you prefer. Create and save different chains for different needs.
  • Graphics - Beyond a classic oscilloscope, two displays show the exact function you are using to process incoming sounds.
  • I / O - You choose how to feed Shaper 2 and how to mix it using the Gain and Mix parameters.


Shaper 2 is part of the Phoenix Series
The Phoenix Series from K-Devices uses classic effects as a springboard for deep and intuitive creative sound tools. Moving beyond K-Devices origins in Max for Live, the Phoenix Series plugins are multi-platform, available as VST/AU/AAX for Mac/Win, and as AUv3 for iOS, and work for a variety of instruments and styles. Capable of familiar effects as well as experimental and randomized sound shaping, the Phoenix Series is a new spin on essential plugins.


  • Available as AUv3 plugin
  • iOS 9.3 or later
  • an AUv3 app host like GarageBand, AUM, Cubasis, etc


Pricing and Availability:
Available at the App Store.
launch price: 3,49 € /$2.99 USD (until August 1st)
regular price: 6,99 € / $5.99 USD (after August 1st)

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