Editor/Controller For Novation's Circuit Tracks

US Control the groovebox from your DAW      07/07/21

Momo has released the Circuit Tracks Editor, a VST / Standalone GUI for the Novation Groovebox  that they say is perfect to integrate the Circuit Tracks into your DAW. Here's the details direct from Momo...

- You can control and mixing the Sessions, change and create new sounds "on the fly".
- It provides a simple access to all important parameters.
- The Plug-In allows you to set the hardware easily and automated the controller movement from the DAW, they can be stored in your Project.
- With the X-Y-Pad any controller can be selected and controlled.
- You can select the sound off the "Synth 1 + Synth 2 and Drum 1-4".  
- The  parameter  can be changed on the "Circuit Tracks Editor", and stored on Circuit Tracks Hardware.
- Available as VST and Standalone for PC 32/64 Bit and Mac as VST, Standalone and AU and MAC - M1 Compatible.

Pricing and Availability:
6,90€  / $7.90

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