Behringer Releases Full Moog-Style Systems

Behringer SYSTEM-15/35/55 are now available      01/07/21

Behringer tells us that their SYSTEM-15/35/55 are now available. These are complete modular synthesizers with MIDI-to-CV Converters and EURORACK GO cases. This is what the company has to say...

After introducing our MODEL 55 range of Eurorack modules back last year, we've been following your comments and recognised your demand for pre-assembled systems.
We Hear You. Introducing the Behringer SYSTEM-15/35/55.
Ensuring the systems are historically accurate, SYSTEM-15/35/55 delivers the complete set of modules found in each bundle that was available in the 1960s.
All systems come pre-assembled in the Behringer EURORACK GO case and come ready to patch, straight out of the box.
All systems include our all-new CM1A Midi-to-CV/GATE converter and with the SYSTEM-55, included is our all-new EURORACK GO BRACKETS which links 2 EURORACK GO's together.
Both CM1A and EURORACK GO BRACKETS products will also be available to purchase separately.

Pricing and Availability:
SYSTEM-15 - $1,599.00
SYSTEM-35 - $2,299.00
SYSTEM-55 - $3,599.00

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