Vintage UFO - A New Kontakt Instrument

A collection of retro-futuristic UFO sounds      18/06/21

Vintage UFO is described as a Kontakt instrument that provides a characterful collection of retro-futuristic UFO sounds, including take offs, landings, hovering spacecraft, engines, forcefields, scanners, lasers, bleeps, blurps, bangs, crunches and explosions. Here's the details direct from Old Timer...

Drawing on a legacy of 50s and 60s sci fi movies,  Vintage UFO offers a quick and convenient way to recreate classic as well as less obvious vintage sci fi fx and atmospheres for your productions.

Many hours of programming, went into the creation of these sounds. The 1.14 GB of samples include subtle and sometimes not so subtle performance elements, playing the knobs and switches of analog synths to create a unique and engaging palette or classic sci fi sounds and textures.

In addition, the library contains field recordings including machinery, insects and bird song which have been digitally manipulated to create otherworldly sonic landscapes.

Vintage UFO includes the following categories in a single Kontakt instrument:

  • Take off - 35 different UFOs taking off, from classic sounds to the less obvious.
  • Landing - 35 UFOs landing, mapped to mirror take offs.
  • Hover - 25 hovering UFOs, from large spaceships to tiny saucers.
  • Lasers - 88 laser shots.
  • Impacts - 30 explosions and bangs, from laser gun detonations to space cruisers imploding.
  • Technology - 53 samples including bleeps, blurps, scanners, forcefields, engines and who knows what else...
  • Atmospheres - 17 atmospheres, to add texture to your UFO sounds.
  • X - an eerie lead sound

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