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US Amp Room: Marshall Edition released      16/06/21

Softube tells us that Amp Room: Marshall Edition goes all-in on the heritage and prestige of the Marshall Sound with the addition of four legendary Marshall amps and eight classic Marshall cabs to the already loaded--and updated--Amp Room pro audio guitar and bass platform. Here's the details in the company's own words...

Amp Room: Marshall Edition comes with officially licensed plug-in versions that grant you mastery over the legendary Marshall Sound. It includes a model of Marshall's own museum piece, Plexi Super Lead 1959, the dark and smooth collector's item, Silver Jubilee 2555, the father of JCM800, JMP 2203, and Bluesbreaker Model 1962, one of the rarest and most expensive amps in the world. All four can be used as native plug-ins or as modules in Amp Room.  

The package is completed with Marshall Cabinet Collection and its eight rare, hand-wired cabs expertly captured by acclaimed producer Daniel Bergstrand (Behemoth, Meshuggah, In Flames). Each cabinet was recorded with multiple microphones for even more tonal options when creating guitar sounds in Amp Room. Combined with the four amps and everything else included in Amp Room, Amp Room: Marshall Edition is a collection of iconic gear at a truly unprecedented value.

Softube is the exclusive software partner of Marshall Amplification and the only software company able to offer plug-ins that are officially licensed and endorsed by Marshall. The first Softube prototype was a hardware DSP box running a Marshall amp model and a loudspeaker model. The prototype caught the attention of Marshall and was the impetus for the successful, long-term partnership the two companies have since forged.

In short – Amp Room: Marshall Edition

  • NEW: Amp Room: Marshall Edition
  • Includes Amp Room, Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959, Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555, Marshall JMP 2203, Marshall Bluesbreaker Model 1962, and Marshall Cabinet Collection
  • Built on a legacy of careful component modeling for sound that perfectly matches the originals
  • All four amps can be used as native plug-ins or within Amp Room
  • Officially licensed and endorsed by Marshall Amplification

Softube Amp Room: what's new?
Freshly updated with a redesigned, optimized workflow that includes some of the most requested features by users, plus three new amps, five new pedals, and compatibility with the stellar TSAR-1R reverb plug-in and the newly released Tape Echoes, Softube Amp Room is a full house of carefully chosen gear to create authentic, realistic guitar and bass sounds.

Amp Room is built on the Softube legacy of recreating software versions of classic analog gear in collaboration with some of the most respected brands in the industry, like Tube-Tech, Chandler Limited, Weiss Engineering, and more. The platform includes a premium selection of expertly modeled amplifiers, pedals, and studio effects, professionally recorded cabinets, and utilities.

With Amp Room, producers and engineers have the ability to load professional mixing plug-ins like Tube-Tech CL 1B, Empirical Labs Mike-E Comp, Trident A-Range, Softube Tape, and American Class A–to name a few–as modules within the platform.

Combined with Amp Room's uniquely flexible workflow, these elements ensure that users have all they need to create guitar and bass sounds like they would in a high-end studio.

The Amp Room update includes:

  • Multistates: do quick comparisons between various sound settings without losing your arrangement
  • Dragbox selection: copy and paste modules easily
  • 3 new amplifiers: American Mainstayer 100W for crunchy hard rock or high-gain metal, the legendary Dual Tremolo 100W Silver with master volume control for more distortion, and Bass Standard V8 for that perfect sound of fullness.
  • 5 new pedals: Softube Tinnerö Tremolo, Softube Lion Head Vibrato, Softube Wahstena Auto Wah, KRAFT, Kleen 22–everything from clean signal boost to heavy fuzz and distortion, plus much moreNew graphics for all Utilities
  • New Amp Room Ready modules: Tape Echoes and TSAR-1R
  • Improved GUI flow, now with focus mode available for all modules
  • Redesigned solo/mute functionality, now with colorized lanes

Pricing and Availability:
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