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Sinmad is a VA synth with a standard subtractive resonant filter plus a resonant delay network      14/06/21

NUSofting tells us that Sinmad is a virtual instrument with its own peculiar and organic voice. A spokesperson said, "The selected features, from virtual analogue to physical modelling make this synth a novel approach to sound creation: We designed the GUI to let you easily improvise subtle or extreme timbre variations."

Here's more details direct from NUSofting...

Sinmad is audio plug-in (virtual instrument) compatible with many VST and AU hosts, both on Mac and PC.

Sinmad is a VA synth but beside the standard subtractive resonant filter it uses a resonant delay network. Hard to describe its sound by words, despite the few controls the array of possible sounds is wide and potentially wild. Some people descibe it as 'organic', chaotic.

Main features:

  •     Multiple oscillator, including standard waveforms and FM, sub oscillator, noise and the one-shot sample player with special functions called HIAT [harmonically integrated attack transient].
  •     Main subtractive filter (VCF), plug a fixed HP pre-filter and bit depth reduction.
  •     Polyphonic delay matrix , a highly configurable feedback delay network (FDN) featuring three delay lines per voice [E.G. your can have 9 modulated comb filters in a 3 notes chord].
  •     Three envelope (2 x ADSR, 1 x AR) and two LFOs.
  •     Custom equalizer : HP, Notch, LP , Hi boost :to shape the timbre before the effects sections.
  •     Effects : # saturation limiter combo ('sat lim') to emulate amp high gain, # 'echobis' a double delay effect with sync to time and pitch functions, # reverb in two flavors.
  •     MIDI controls : pitch-bend 24 st range, assignable modWheel (CC1), assignable aftertouch, assignable keytracking
  •     Microtuning (per octave) editable on GUI.

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