New Music From Alessandro Cortini

SCURO CHIARO, out June 11, 2021      11/06/21

Its no secret that we're fans of Alessandro Cortini's work, his use of a wide variety of sonic sources with plenty esoteric and rare synthesizers including some lovely Buchla gear, while retaining  accessible structure and melodic sensibilities, ticks a lot of boxes for us.

So we're delighted to see that there's a new album out from him today: Titled Scurio Chiaro - it roughly means Light and Dark - a technique used in the visual arts to represent 3 dimensional objects.

Cortini has recently relocated from Berlin to Portugal, where he is in the process of building a new studio.

The track Verde is featured in this video and contains a healthy amount of noise and hiss - to great effect. Sounds like there may be a certain amount of Strega in there too - instrument he worked on with Make Noise.

You can find the album - released on MUTE , in all the usual places - linked to from here:



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