Geosynths Sequential Prophet 5 +10 Sounds With Added Plug-in Power

US 80 Sounds with complimentary VST FX presets      05/06/21

GeoSynths have just released a bank of 80 new sounds for the  re-released Sequential Prophet 5 and Prophet 10, available now priced at $45.

Now, many of you may be aware that the new Prophet re-releases do not have any on board FX so Jamie has also created insert FX presets for use in the DAW - running a live input into a channel and processing via a couple of free plug-ins - namely the Arturia JUN-6 ( which was free) and the Valhalla Supermassive (currently free). Each of the 8 presets has accompanying presets for both plug-ins, so you can dial up the exact sounds Jamie has demoed in the series of videos covering all the patches - you can watch the rest of them here:


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