Understanding & Preserving Sound Collections

Free workshop introduction to archiving sounds      03/06/21

Understanding & Preserving Sound Collections

Since 2018, the British Library's Unlocking Our Sound Heritage project has preserved over 275,000 at risk sound recordings and established 10 specialist preservation studio hubs across the UK. One of which, The Keep is based in Brighton and will be hosting a free online informal presentation and Q&A introducing the audio preservation work of Unlocking Our Sound Heritage:

Join Audio Preservation Engineer, Duncan Harrison, in the Unlocking Our Sound Heritage studio, to learn how to identify and work with various analogue and digital sound formats. Duncan will discuss working methods and best practices, and demystify the process of archival audio preservation for those looking to take their first steps in protecting their own sound collections.

Signups for the Keep workshop are limited and bookings open on the 9th of June for the workshop which is on the 7th July here

There's also a series of events ran by National Museums NI on a similar topic starting on the 9th June, sign up here.


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