Elektron Launches The Power Handle

US Fire up your Model:Cycles or Model:Samples in any location      27/05/21

Elektron has released the Power Handle. They say that with the Power Handle, you can take your creativity on the go, fire up your Model:Cycles or Model:Samples in any location, and at any time, to dive into hours of music-making.

A spokesperson told us, "We finally got a handle on it. Our vision for the Model units was a portable, tactile music-making experience. This is the realization of that vision. It's been a long journey here, but the journey is only beginning. On public transport, at the airport, out in nature, in between studios, on a road trip. Now you can get lost anywhere. Connect to disconnect."

Pricing and Availability:
The Power Handle is available for 49 USD/49 EUR.

More information:



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