Soniccouture Releases Their First String Library

US Threnody: Avant Garde Strings takes it to the dark side      25/05/21

Soniccouture Releases Their First String Library

Soniccouture has released their first ever orchestral library. Threnody: Avant Garde Strings is a Kontakt Player NKS Sampled Instrument. A spokesperson told us, "This is quite an occasion for us. We've tried to do something different with strings, so we've taken it to the dark side, with lots of avant-garde, sci-fi / horror type techniques."

Here's the story in Soniccouture's own words...

For our first string library, we thought we'd aim for something a little different from the many string libraries already on the market. The focus in THRENODY is on avant-garde string articulations, such as those you hear in late 20th century orchestral music or science fiction film soundtracks. Although we did a few standard articulations as well, this library is full of col legno clattering, clusters, various 'clouds' of activity, glissandi, etc.

THRENODY features a massive string section of 60 musicians (16-14-12-10-8). We used over 30 microphones in the hall, and these have been mixed down to three stereo channels: the main tree, the spot mics, and the ambience mics.

THRENODY features 26 different articulations sampled across the entire orchestral range, which can be layered with an XY controller to create entirely new orchestral shapes and movements.


  • 60 Piece Orchestra
  • 26 Articulations
  • 3 Mic Channels
  • Kontakt Player 6 + NKS Compatible

Pricing and Availability:
€249 | $299
Until June 4th you can get 20% off Threnody at the Soniccouture Website. No code required

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