Reason 12 Arrives On September 1st

US New version is focused on improving the Reason Rack      21/05/21

Reason Studios has announced the coming release of Reason 12. They say that the new version is focused on improving the Reason Rack, where music makers can combine instruments and effects to find their own unique sound. The Reason Rack can be used as a plugin wherever you make music.

Reason 12 will include improvements and new features, like high resolution graphics, an update to the powerful Combinator, and a new creative sampler. Reason+ subscribers will get access to improvements and new features as soon as they are available, Reason 12 perpetual licenses and upgrades will be available for purchase on September 1st 2021.

Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager at Reason Studios, told us, "If you use the same sounds and samples as other music makers without the ability to make it your own, you'll quickly lose what makes your music unique. With the new and improved Reason Rack plugin we're making sure that you have everything you need to sound like you - and just like you. There is nothing like the Reason Rack for getting music going quickly, and that will show even more with Reason 12. Regardless of how you make music, adding Reason to your setup is sure to spark new ideas and incredible sounds."

All music makers buying or upgrading to Reason 11 after May 1st 2021 will automatically get Reason 12 when it is released. That means you can actually get Reason 12 at 30% off before it is even released, during the Reason Studios May Madness campaign May 17th-May 31st.

What's new?

  • High resolution scalable graphics
  • Improved browser, to make it easier to find included content and devices
  • Updated combinator, for increased focus on sound design
  • A new sampler, all about sound manipulation, rhythm and ease of use

Pricing and Availability:
Available September 1st 2021.
Reason+ subscriptions are $19.99/month or $199.00/year
Reason 12 will be available for $399.00 (upgrades from $129.00)
All music makers buying or upgrading to Reason 11 after May 1st 2021 will automatically get Reason 12 when it is released.
During May Madness campaign 17th-31st May all Reason products are available at 30% off

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