New Presets For Your Prologue

US Sinevibes releases Revelation sound pack for the KORG synth      21/05/21

Sinevibes has released Revelation, a sound pack for the KORG prologue featuring 110 presets.

A spokesperson told us, "Many months in the making, this sound pack only uses prologue's standard synth engine, taking it to the maximum of its capabilities. Revelation delivers a wide range of highly polished presets: bass, lead, poly, keys, pads, motion sounds, combinations, and more. Every sound has been designed to be a joy to play – and immediately inspire new musical ideas."

– KORG prologue 8 or prologue 16 synthesizer with system update 2.10 or later
– Mac or Windows computer capable of running KORG Sound Librarian application

Pricing and Availability:
Revelation is available for $39. Existing Sinevibes customers can purchase it with a 20% discount.

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