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US Overloud releases SuperCabinet for TH-U      19/05/21

Overloud has released SuperCabinet, which they describe as a revolutionary IR processing tool based on their Fluid Convolution Technology. They say that it allows you to combine up to four different IRs, EQ them, pan them in the stereo field, and increase their stereo depth in order to create brand new, totally custom cabinet tones. Here's more details from Overloud...

Inside the SuperCabinet you can graphically choose the speaker, the microphone model and its placement, and the preamp and power amp. The SuperCabinet automatically loads the corresponding IR in the library. Additionally, you can load you own IRs, using the integrated file browser. All of the IRs in SuperCabinet libraries are phase aligned, so worrying about phase cancellations is a thing of the past.

Crafting Your Tone
The innovative Multiband mode allows you to forge your cabinet by loading separate IRs on different frequencies. For example, you can load a 4x12 American IR on the bass to have more punch, a 4x12 British IR on the mids to have its great presence, and a 2x12 American IR on the treble to have its creamy tone.

The SuperCabinet also provides a simple way to create big stereo guitar tracks. Using the Stereo knob, you can transform a mono IR into a wide stereo tone with one click. When used with the Multiband mode, the tone becomes more "open" in a very natural way.

Export the IR for Your Hardware Modeler or Other IR Loaders
After tweaking the tone to perfection, you can export the final IR in .wav format to use with your favorite hardware modeler or software IR loader. The exported IR contains all of the adjustments you made in the SuperCabinet, ensuring consistent tone across devices.

A Massive IR Library
The SuperCabinet comes with three factory libraries out of the box, created by sampling a 4x12" Simms Watts*, a Friedman BE412* and a Dr.Z 2x12" cabinet. Each library is a systematic capture of a cabinet created with 18 microphones in 16 positions each along with two power amps (tube and solid state), for a total of 576 IRs. Again, all IRs are phase aligned so they can be blended without phase cancellations.

Additionally, the SuperCabinet offers a vast collection of third-party IR libraries created by selected sound designers, such as Choptones and The Amp Factory. Each library in the collection has been created with extraordinary attention to detail, extensive sampling, and meticulous editing to bring you tonal perfection.


  • Import your own IRs in .wav format at any sample rate, length, and bit depth
  • Compose your cabinet tone with the unique Multiband mode
  • Blend multiple IRs and create totally custom and huge stereo guitar tones
  • Use as part of a TH-U preset or export your custom IRs in .wav format for use with all major hardware modelers and software IR loaders
  • Ever expanding library of IRs from renowned manufacturers like Choptones and The Amp Factory
  • One of the largest high resolution IR collections ever created
  • No latency added

Pricing and Availability:

TH-U Premium owners (previously TH-U Full) get SuperCabinet free

$49 through May 31, 2021 (normally $79)

More information:



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