Spitfire's Wondrous Flutes From Abbey Road One

US Flutes and piccolo      13/05/21

Spitfire Audio today release another section library from their collaboration with Abbey Road - the Abbey Road One: Orchestral Foundations - Wondrous Flutes.

Recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studio One, Wondrous Flutes gives you:

  • 2 Flutes and 1 Piccolo Captured in the iconic Abbey Road Studio One
  • Stunning orchestration commonly used by the world's top composers
  • NEW highly detailed Legatos offering stunning realism
  • 12 Signals including 10 Mic positions for ultimate sound curation
  • 8 Simple and effective performances from the small woodwind group

It can be a stand-alone library or as an addition to the Abbey Road One Orchestral Foundations and is priced at £49/€49/$49


The classic pairing of flutes and piccolo, doubling an octave higher, performed by London's first-call session players, is presented here as pre-orchestrated patches giving you instant access to an immediately recognisable sound as heard in scores by John Williams, John Powell and countless others. The library offers essential articulations, including stunning legatos, longs, staccatos, and marcatos, as well as major and minor mordents. There's everything you need to create beautiful, flowing lines and incredibly agile, scurrying flurries of sound.


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