The Star Wars Studio Of Maarten Vorwerks

US ... and a beach upstairs, naturally      12/05/21

Maarten Vorwerks is known for this ghost production work as well as releasing his own material under the Jeckyll & Hyde alias. He's also known for his intergalactic studio, based on the Star Wars films. It's an incredibly well designed space, and as you'd expect, he has his own beach on the floor above it. 

The studio was designed by Mischa Jacobi. There are some great photos in this MusicTech interview.

Maarten posts music production tips on this social media channels, and turned them into a book called 'Tip of the Week, Volume 1: The Ultimate Handbook to Become a Succesfull Dance Music Producer' - available here: A second volume is also available



About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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