Lewitt Matched Stereo Pair Ships

US LCT 140 AIR small diaphragm condenser stereo pair is now in stores      11/05/21

Lewitt has released the LCT 140 AIR stereo pair. A spokesperson told us, "Are you looking for a great-sounding yet affordable pair of microphones? Look no further! The LCT 140 AIR stereo pair is available now, with a convincing set of features and sound. Hear for yourself and check out the product rundown video below. Not only does it include an explanation of all the features, but LEWITT also talks about the matching process of their microphones. Later in the video, you can experience the mics on drums and acoustic guitars; what's not love about it?"

LCT 140 AIR stereo pair features:

    •    Two sound characteristics, AIR and FLAT
    •    Tailored small diaphragm condenser capsule
    •    Exceptional sound on acoustic instruments
    •    Low-cut and PAD
    •    Cardioid polar pattern
    •    Mic clips
    •    Transport bag with two compartments

Pricing and Availability:
The LCT 140 AIR stereo pair is available from €/$289

More information:


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