Sonic LAB: Novation Circuit Tracks

US Affordable updated groovebox      06/05/21

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We've been fans of the original Novation Circuit here - Nick bought one for his live setup and we often recommend it for people wanting a simple computerless music creation instrument.

The new Circuit Tracks, replaces the original Circuit and adds some new features and bakes in much of the Firmware updates that the original Circuit recieved. Indeed, we know there is also a roadmap for the new Tracks too.

Editor Nick takes a look at the new model.

New Features at a glance:

  • Massively increased sample time per project of 190 seconds with 64 sample slots
  • SD card storage for additional Projects
  • Refined synth engine, more patches
  • Extended pattern length (32 steps)
  • 2 MIDI tracks for external instruments
  • Full size MIDI ports
  • Sync port
  • USB-C Port for charging and power
  • External Audio inputs wiith FX sends and Sidechaining

Available now priced at £332/$399



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