Phase Distortion Synthesizer

Phasewaver offers a vast array of composite waveshaping and amplitude modulation      04/05/21

Syntheway describes Phasewaver as a phase distortion synthesizer with a vast array of composite waveshaping and amplitude modulation to generate a complex frequency spectrum.

A spokesperson told us, "Essentially, the harmonic content of a carrier waveform dynamically change by influence of another modulator waveform, which can be used to create synth pads, keys, leads, basses, atmospheric textures, ambient soundscapes and sound effects."

The company says that the new synth features a collection of 40 presets suitable for many genres and styles of music and flexibility to custom design over a wide sonic spectrum. It is available as plugin in VST and VST3 64 bit versions for Windows, as well as in Audio Unit for macOS.

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