New Sounds For Your Arturia Polybrute

Geosynths releases a full bank of 96 patches      26/04/21

Geosynths has released Secrets Vol.1, a Full Bank of 96 Patches for the Arturia Polybrute. All 96 Patches have an A and B Layer, have Controllers assigned where relevant and come as a Bank and a Project for Polybrute Connect. As usual all 96 Patches are demonstrated over 4 Videos and cover a whole range of sounds.

A spokesperson told us, "Having had a Matrixbrute previously, I was very familiar with the Arturia Sound and method of Patching, however using those Oscillators in a Poly was going to be interesting to see how they would blend together. Having 2 Filter types in one PolySynth is fantastic and allows the creation of some unique textures and tones. Here you find a wide range of Sounds, from slowly evolving Pads and Strings, to Bass which is thunderous and warm.  Leads that are cutting and funky, to keys and other traditional Sounds. Each Patch has an A and B layer, which can add subtle changes to the sound, to dramatic and completely new Sounds on each. Controllers are set for the majority of Patches, where relevant and control elements such as the Filter, LFO rates, Vibrato and more."

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