Loopcloud 6 Uses AI For Harmonic and Rhythmic Matching

And more      22/04/21

Loopcloud today announced Loopcloud 6, the latest version of their massive loop and sample library application. As we've seen with previous versions (see our LC 5 video), Loopcloud integrates your local and cloud based sounds via Loopcloud.com with the ability to audition sounds directly into your DAW session using the Loopcloud Plug-in.

New in Loopcloud 6
New AI-powered harmonic and rhythmic sound matching, similar sound recommendations and adjustable audio search filters.
Additional updates include three new effects,
AI-tagging for user content, intuitive export options and more

Now that sounds awesome, but what does it mean? We think that it means that sample choices can be found which relate to both the harmonic, spectral and rhythmic content of existing choices, as well as the usual key, tempo and other filtering options you can use to narrow down your sample choices from the 4 million + available in the Loopcloud library and also to a degree your own local samples.

Various subscription plans are available from £7.99/month plus a bunch of free content released regularly.


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