Halina Rice - Interactive Virtual Livestream

Futuristic projection and visuals for her latest release      21/04/21

Halina Rice - Interactive Virtual Livestream

Halina Rice is an electronic musician and A/V performer who's relatively new to the world of music production but has proved herself to be a phenomenal talent. She's also known for her innovative use of visuals fused with music, releasing a series of tracks alongside performances in a 3D generated landscape, into which she is projected while performing. 

Previous releases have been described as a "a world of fragmentary beauty" and "A sublime and infectious piece of electronic mastery" by Clash and Electronic Sound magazines respectively.  

This Friday 23rd April, sees the third release in the series; 'Breaks' accompanied by a live streamed event, on facebook, twitch and youtube. Followers on Twitch will be able to interact with the live streaming event by appending messages with !tagme at the start, making their message appear on screen alongside the Unity-generated visuals. 

Find the event in the links above, or on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/274523831070453/





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