Three New Casiotone Keyboards

GB Minimalist design for making music, anytime, anywhere      08/04/21

Casio America, Inc. has announced the release of three new Casiotone models – the CT-S1, CT-S400 and LK-S450. Casio says that the minimalist design, sound quality and connected features in each keyboard bring to life the concept of "Make Music, Anytime, Anywhere."

Stephen Schmidt, Vice President of Casio's Electronic Musical Instruments Division, told us, "Casio is passionate about bringing the joys of making music to as many people as possible. Staying true to that, our new Casiotone models have broad appeal that spans generations and skill levels and are designed to seamlessly fit into users' increasingly diverse lifestyles. Sometimes, players just want to play for the pure joy of playing; that's what our newest Casiotone introductions will inspire."

Here's more information direct from Casio...

The new Casiotone models have a slim, minimalist chassis and design that seamlessly integrates with the style of users' homes. Simplicity is the key – 61 keys, built-in speakers, multi-functional buttons and weighing only 9 lbs. – the CT-S1 is ideal for players of varying skill levels and convenient for casual play at any time. Ensuring a great fit in any space, the CT-S1 arrives in three color variations, white, black and red with a matching fabric speaker net that adds to the overall clean and simplistic design. Similarly, the CT-S400's carefully designed selection of buttons provides superior operability while featuring an LCD screen with sharp visibility. Geared for beginners, the LK-S450 features a similarly slim profile, step-up lessons and a key lighting system that guides users to practice at their own pace. The new Casiotones have built-in strap locks to equip a guitar strap and convert the keyboard to a keytar for even more fun.

Despite the slim designs, each model boasts the richly expressive Casio AiX Sound Source to ensure sounds come to life with clarity and expression previously unparalleled in portable keyboards. Inspired by the original Casiotone CT-201, the CT-S1 features 61 tones with some classic Casio tones coming from the VL, VZ and CZ series. The CT-S400 and LK-S240 feature 600 high-quality tones, 200 rhythms and 160 built-in songs in addition to a diverse range of functions including auto-accompaniment. The AiX Sound Source combined with the speaker design ensures the best sound quality in its class.

All three new Casiotone models have a range of connectivity options, including a class-compliant micro USB MIDI port. A USB HOST port is available for the separately sold Bluetooth® adapter (WU-BT10) that provides wireless MIDI communication and can effectively transform the keyboard into a wireless speaker. Wired or wirelessly, users can link the keyboards to Casio's dedicated Chordana Play, which will enable them to change the tempo or key of songs being played, in addition to displaying music scores and piano roll. Players can easily hook up a sustain pedal for even more expressive play, as well as use the headphone output to practice in private.

Pricing and Availability:

The new CT-S1 (MSRP: $299.99), CT-S400 (MSRP: $349.99), LK-S450 (MSRP: $399.99), and WU-BT10 (MSRP: $129.99) will be available for pre order April 14, 2021 and for sale mid-May.

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