Medusa Firmware v4.0 Adds FM - Production Ceases

US Numerous other fixes and improvements      07/04/21

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Polyend today announced a major update for the instrument made in collaboration with Dreadbox - adding a major new FM mode (the fourth mode) it brings:

 "A gritty 6-voice 3-operator digital FM synth engine with a 12-bit colored classic vibe. It supports five digital FM Algorithms and an extra analog voice. Comes with a new FM preset bank!"

The firmware update coincides with the news that production of the Medusa  is now stopping, effectively making it discontinued. We have spoken to Polyend and they tell us that there may be further updates later this year.

Additional features:

  • Improved Channel per Voice mode where each channel is now truly "per voice", and not "per oscillator" as previously
  • Added MIDI Program Change for better control of the synth,
  • Reworked pitch bend and glide for more musical output 
  • Full LFO Synchronization with MIDI Clock with increased stability

And other fixes which are detailed in the changelog:

See our full review:


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