Collection Of MIDI Max-for-Live Devices

midi2themax releases MXL PACK for Ableton Live 10 and 11 with over 40 devices      07/04/21

Collection Of MIDI Max-for-Live Devices

midi2themax has introduced MXL PACK, a collection of 40+ MIDI max-for-live devices for Ableton Live 10 and 11, for live performers, studio musicians, composers and DJs.


  • for composers, studio and live performers – for Live Suite 10 and 11
  • quantize melodies and chords to 400 scales – change the scale dinamically by sending notes from Live clips/tracks
  • chromatic, diatonic and rotating harmonizers, with different velocity, delay and target track for each transposed note
  • create the ideal MIDI controller with dynamic split areas, multiple note layers, smart sustain, one-finger chords, harmonizers, velocity curves and fading, note repetitions and delays, chord strumming, glissandos
  • randomize melodies and chords – you decide how "impredictable" they sound
  • use note pitch, velocity, ADSR envelopes to control Live parameters – control 8 params with a single command, combine params using math operations
  • use 16 midi buses to combine MXL devices and control them from other tracks
  • 100-page manual, with thorough descriptions and tons of tips


Pricing and Availability:
MXL PACK is available at a introductory price of €29.

More information:




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