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Volume I from Robust American Patches contains 40 Performances and 130 Programs      06/04/21

Robust American Patches has released Volume I for the Korg Wavestate. They tell us that Volume I contains 40 Performances and 130 Programs, and, as usual, they have also included 10 complimentary performances for a total of 50.

A spokesperson told us, "None of these performances are 1 key wonders. Playing is required, as well as working all the various controllers. (Velocity, Aftertouch, Joystick, Wheels and up to 40 Mod Knobs) We tried to keep the mod knob assignments consistent from performance to performance and program to program but there are more than a few exceptions. Most of the performances in Volume I use the Master Performance Knob as a Master Filter Knob. (It usually controls the filter cutoff of all the layers simultaneously) You also get control of the filters individually on each layer for easy offsets or a complete change of tone."

Check out the performance knob assignments pdf file for a complete list of all performance knob assignments.

Pricing and Availability:

On sale at $15.50 (Regular price: $20.50)

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