Chuck Your Tracks Into An Incinerator

Mr Wiggly launches his first plug-in      31/03/21

Regular Sonic TALK panelist Dominic Hawken AKA  Mr Wiggly has today released his first Audio Plug-in. The Incinerator came from an experiment where he ran audio through a speaker placed inside an actual incinerator and recorded the results. 

Being a fan of reamping and also a  resourceful chap, Dominic decided to make this into his first plug-in,

The Incinerator lets you blast sounds through his eccentric collection of custom built speakers to add body, warmth and a real punch to audio.
It's 'reamping' with a difference – the difference in this case being the wonderfully crazy systems used.

Mr Wiggly Incinerator

As well as the Incincerator , you can also run the audio through a "cherished bass bin from a long defunct sound system", plus a "couple of secret guitar amp/cab combos.

Additionally there's an on board reverb and delay to sweeten things up. Dom's philosophy behind his first plug-in was to create something that would be useful while not taxing the CPU too much with un-needed features.

Available now from, priced at an introductory £19.99 (usually £24.99) for AU and VST3

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