Waves Ship CLA Everything

A bundle of 12 plug-ins created with Chris Lord Alge is on offer for a limited time      25/03/21

Waves Audio tells us that they are now shipping CLA Everything, a collection including all twelve Waves plugins created by GRAMMY® Award-winning mix legend Chris Lord-Alge (Green Day, Muse, Bruce Springsteen).  This is what they have to say about it...

CLA Everything is a massive collection that gives producers, musicians and mix engineers access to the complete CLA sound. It is now being offered for an extremely limited time only. 

The comprehensive Waves CLA Everything collection includes every major piece of Chris Lord-Alge's hard-driving mixing chains:
  • CLA MixHub: Chris's console channel strip, modeled to perfection. Dynamics, EQ, and analog console saturation, all with the rich analog sound of CLA's 4000 E-series mixing desk. 
  • CLA Epic: The complete suite of CLA reverbs and delays. Create epic depth in your mixes, with Chris's four go-to delays and four go-to reverbs, based on his best studio effects hardware.
  • All CLA Classic Compressors: The most sought-after compressors in the audio world, including the ultra-fast and aggressive CLA-76 (both Blacky & Bluey versions); the popular tube-based CLA-2A; and the secret weapon for midrange frequencies, the CLA-3A.
  • All Chris Lord-Alge Signature Series plugins: The plugins that made jaw-droppingly great sound easier and faster than ever. CLA VocalsCLA DrumsCLA GuitarsCLA BassCLA UnpluggedCLA Effects. The names speak for themselves. 
  • CLA MixDown: Chris's complete mix bus chain in one easy-to-use plugin: the perfect way to finalize your mix.  


Chris Lord-Alge comments, "I needed to solve the problem for all my students and loyal plugin users, meaning one stop for ALL your CLA needs. No more looking around for all the different ones. Now we have CLA EverythingWhen people ask me 'Hey Chris, where can I find your software?' I've got two words for you: 'CLA Everything!'" 
CLA plugins have been powering countless mixes by countless producers, mixers and musicians: Now is your best chance to finally own the complete CLA sound with CLA Everything.  

Pricing and Availability:

CLA Everything is available now for an extremely limited time.

On Sale $329 (Full Price $1495)

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