ADE Announces In-Person Event for 2021

Performers named for event going ahead in October      25/03/21

ADE Announces In-Person Event for 2021

The Amsterdam Dance Event has announced their 2021 event to be in-person, returning to a conventional show format after taking last year off - events and ticket details are due to be added to program soon. Melkweg and Paradiso have already announced being part of their program, with Dave Clarke, Speedy J, Weval and Oliver Heldens set to take the stage. A 2 day festival was recently held at Biddinghuizen, the Netherlands as part of a Fieldlab experiment.

The ADE website says: "As a result of the widespread vaccination campaign and rapid test capacity in the Netherlands, the road to ADE has officially begun.

The ADE team aims to present the best possible ADE experience while ensuring public health guidelines, and we're dedicated to providing a rich program for professionals, artists and music enthusiasts alike. The first highlights have already been confirmed and pre-registration for the ADE Pro Pass is now open, so read on below for the full update".

Find out more on their website and pre-register for a Pro Pass here.  


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