Chaabi: An Intricate Moroccan Groove

Yogev Gabay explains and deconstructs the unusual rhythm      24/03/21

Drummer Yogec Gabay makes youtube videos discussing a range of topics including unusual time signatures and poly rhythms for his 'Time Consuming' series. In this video he covers the Chaabi, a groove found in the album 'Ifrikiya' by Algerian drummer Karim Ziad - which to the ears of anyone used to Western music is fairly taxing to follow. 

The Chaabi is made up of a two bar phrase in 6/8 and he focuses on the Moroccan version in the video. To the untrained ear it's a challenge to find beat one, which is usually emphasised in Western music. For more ear training and information on poly rhythm and poly meters Andrew Huang has made a video to explain the difference.  


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