Prodigy Documentary In The Works

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Prodigy Documentary In The Works

The Prodigy are making a full length documentary, shot by long time collaborator Paul Dugdale in partnership with Liam and Maxim from the band. Paul Dugdale is known for his work with the prodigy as well as a long list of concert films by The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Paul McCartney and Sam Smith. The film is being produced by Pulse Films, the company behind many music-centric films such as Beyonc√©'s Lemonade, LCD Soundystem's Shut Up And Play The Hits and Nick Cave's 20,000 Days On Earth.

No release date has been revealed, but it's the first major project for the band since the death of front man Keith Flint. In a statement about the film, the duo say: "After the devastating passing of our brother Keef in 2019, the time feels right for us to tell the story of our band, all of it. This film will be made with the same integrity that our music is -- uncompromising, raw and honest...This one's for Keef!"

An IMDB page has been set up for the documentary. Fans will be aware of one other official Prodigy documentary, 1995's 'Electronic Punks' which covered the early days of the band as well as featuring unreleased material and candid off stage footage. .


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