New Baltica Free Sound Set For Modal Cobalt 8

US 100 patches from Soundsauca      16/03/21

Modal have released a new sound set  for the Cobalt 8 called Baltica - comprising 100 new free patches created by Soundsauca.The sounds focus on new and familiar sound textures for modern music creators.

"Having experienced the wonderful ARGON8 by making the Daydrifta sound set, I was eager to explore what the COBALT8 would deliver" says Michael Otton, owner of Soundsauca and continues: "I wasn't disappointed. With its extended virtual-analogue architecture and new filters, COBALT8 delivered plenty of punch and attitude, whilst still offering that beautiful and transparent "Modal" sound. I hope 'Baltica' is a real inspiration for every COBALT8 user!"

Patches can be installed with the MODAL app that comes for all Modal synths for iOS, Android and desktop.

You can download them here:

For our take on the Cobalt 8 see our review below:



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