Podcast: Sonic TALK 660 - Ditch The Dongle

US Soundlcoud royalties, 2 Voice Pro, Zappa reaction videos      11/03/21

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72:32 mins


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00:00 Intro and hellos
iZotope.com - Music Production Suite Pro (7 day free trial) subscriptions and SONIC10 10% discount
11:50 Superbooth Set for SeptemberFreeze Machines from Sonicstate
18:30 Google Tone  Transfer
29:28  Oberheim 2 Voice Pro Reissue
37:30 Machine Drum custom Firmware
47:30 Steinberg to ditch the dongle
52:39 SoundCloud change streaming royalties to favour smaller artists
59:20 Zappa Reaction Videos
Sincerely KSO
1:07:50 Wrap and goodbye's

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