Reacting to Frank Zappa Is Now A Thing

US Youtubers reacting to...      04/03/21

Oh what unusual times we live in. While browsing Youtube, as one does - hey, I can call it work in my occupation, I have increasingly come across videos with the Frank Zappa (insert name of track) *First Listen* or Reaction videos. Usually accompanied with an unlikely looking individual with a poster frame of:

a) Shocked/Outraged face
b) Bliss full face
c) unlikely looking person
d) Big picture of Zappa

The video above is from Sincerley, KSO - who's done a ton of these as well as other artists.

In my youth I was a fan, used to love the stuff, not only was it subversive, but also some really beautiful and challenging music. The musicians who played for him is a 20th Century role call of some of the finest there were at the time - ah, the George Duke period , and weird - Captain Beefheart of course.

Its an odd sub genre of Youtubers, but some of them are making good numbers doing this and seem to pique the interest many. I mean who wouldn't be curious to see how a grandmother/father/hardcore hip hop dude might react to something out of their comfort zone? 

But its a weird concept, and given the hard time some of us are having getting the filter sweep past the Yotube copyright algorithm, feels like its a bit wrong somehow - though I believe you can use other people's stuff for critical appraisal. But its also a strange kind of affirmation, if you also happen to like that track.

But I'll leave you with something to react to: 

The amazing Inca Roads (featuring George Duke) - jump to 7:26 for his fantastic Rhodes/Odyssey solo

Your welcome.


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