Audio Inception: Live Vinyl Cutting Lathe Delay

Vinyl Artist Richard Houghten's one of a kind effect      03/03/21

Richard Houghten is a vinyl artist who has created some fantastic holographic designs for records - but in his latest video he's done something quite unique - using his vinyl cutter to record live guitar playing, while playing back the cut groove and sending it back into the mixer. 

In the video he goes through the signal path - with his guitar being fed to a mixer, out to a preamp, to an equalizer, into a mixer, into a cutter amp, then the cutter head which marks the groove. The needle sits in the fresh groove as the record turns and the sound is sent to an amp which is going back to his mixer.  

It's probably a bit big for most pedal boards but may never have been done before. Find out more about his work on his youtube channel.  


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