Soundcloud Offer New Fan-Powered Royalties

Aims to pay artists based on fans actual listening habits      02/03/21

Soundcloud Offer New Fan-Powered Royalties

Soundcloud have announced a new fan-powered royalties scheme, which pays out on the proportion of time a fan listens to an artist, rather than a share based on their share of streams. It starts in April 2021 and is open to artists who monetize directly with Soundcloud using their 'Premier' subscription.

Supported by the likes of Grammy-winning super producer RAC (no, he can't fix your car) - it's a welcome addition to the service for musicians and artists looking at new ways of finding incomes, as well as being a nod to a fairer and more inclusive future in the industry for upcoming artists.

If you want to know more there's a complete FAQ here.


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