GPU Audio Processing On The Horizon?

Swiss company promise cutting-edge developments to audio processing      02/03/21

GPU Audio Processing On The Horizon?

BRAINGINES SA are a Swiss company looking to roll out new technology that allows audio plugins to be run from your computers GPU (Graphics Card) freeing up other resources. They aim to achieve power and speed that surpasses any outboard DSP processing rack or internal CPU, which is certainly a bold and inventive move.

In their words: "The long term implications are huge - exponential power and speed, no CPU bottlenecking and a lot of remote processing features (wifi6/b3 processing over networks)."

They're currently working on a suite of their own plugins alongside an SDK and plugin marketplace with real-time browsing of plugins and are looking for beta testers. A link to their sign up form is here.

Find out more on their website:


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