If You Watch Only One Beatboxing Buddhist Monk Today..

US Then it should be Yogetsu Akasaka      27/02/21

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Ok so this is a bit random, but actually makes total sense. The mantra chants of the Buddhist monks actually seem pretty ideal for some looping action and Japanese Zen Buddhist monk Yogetsu Akasaka is that guy. Of course he's going to be using the Roland RC-505.

He's racked up millions of views (this Heart Sutra remix has 3million+) on his Youtube channel with various mantra remixes.  Some are at 432Hz too, if you are into that sort of thing.

Not sure how Buddhist or true Zen he must be as the videos seem to be quite well equipped, which sort of goes against the whole Zen thing no?

But its jolly relaxing.

Thanks fo Paul Nagle for the spot



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