Gforce Virtual OB 8 Voice - OB-E Officially Released

US Today's the day      23/02/21

Gforce Software today launch the OB-E, their loving recreation of the monster 8 voice SEM. Over two years in the making its an AU/VST/AAX/Standalone (Mac Only).

GForce Software  are known for making faithful recreations of classic instruments, and the OB 8 Voices is one of Dave Spiers' favourites - they own a beautiful example of this rare machine - one that was previously Chick Corea's.

GForce Software OB-E

Dave's enthusiasm for this instrument can be seen in the videos he's posted on the instrument on the GForce Youtube channel, something he imparted to Hugo Brangwyn, Lead Software Developer:

Dave's enthusiasm for the 8-voice provided my first inspiration. Hearing the sounds he was capable of making with it made me instantly recognise the musical potential of this unique synth. The challenge was tough, the instrument intimidating, but I believed those sounds would make it a hugely worthwhile project, I still do. I sincerely hope everybody who uses it gets as much enjoyment out of OB-E as we have during the development process.

We've painstakingly emulated our 8-Voice creating a sonically authentic instrument with the convenience of software control over those eight SEM modules. Programming a polyphonic Patch on an original 8-Voice was a daunting mission, OB-E makes it a cinch. Unison Chords a forté. Using Oberheim's MS-1 as a starting point and to ensure authenticity, we've added an extremely comprehensive and creative 8-step Sequencer that provides a flexibility and fun-factor unavailable via the original hardware. An all-new routable (when using splits), Stereo Delay provides sonically complimentary effects.

The OB-E comes with 600+ patches, a scalable UI, AU/VST and AAX formats and also is MPE ready.

OB-E Single SEM Zoom Mode:
Gforce Softwere OB-E ZOOM

Its available from today:  £149 (plus VAT), intro price is £129 (plus VAT) until 8th March

OB-E – key features

  •  - Unique 8-Voice Octaphonic architecture
  •  - An authentic sounding emulation of the Oberheim® 8-Voice
  •  - 600 factory Patches designed to fit in a mix, all tagged and categorised
  •  - Librarian for easy access to the presets (Arrow Keys Navigation)
  •  - ZOOM enlarges an individual SEM filling the UI with front & rear panels side by side
  •  - Group and Offset mode to edit all SEMs at once, Individual SEM Copy/Paste/Save
  •  - Upper/Lower SEMs can be Split across the keyboard
  •  - Multi-faceted analogue style sequencer
  •  - Extensive Velocity & Aftertouch modulation, Pan and Volume per SEM
  •  - Polyphonic aftertouch and MPE ready


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